House Mouse

House mouse pest controlWeighing one half to one ounce, the house mouse is grey in color and its body is three to four inches long, with a tail of three to four inches long. The muzzle is pointed, the ears are large, the eyes and body are small.

Often found in urban areas throughout North America the house mouse has adapted very well to living with humans. It is a small rodent with large ears, small eyes and is usually light brown to dark grey with a lighter colour on its belly. Mice are nocturnal so most of their activity happens at night. They have poor sight but they are very inquisitive with an excellent sense of hearing, touch, smell, and taste. It’s best to tackle an infestations right away, as mice are prolific breeders.


Scientific Name
Mus musculus

The female reaches sexual maturity in 35 days and averages eight litters per year, each of which averages six young. House mice typically produce their largest litters in the spring and begin to breed at five to six weeks old. The life span is one year.

The house mouse is a good climber, can jump up to 12 inches high, and can jump down from eight feet. House mice can easily squeeze through holes and gaps wider than ¼-inch. They prefer to nest in dark, secluded areas, where there is little chance of disturbance. Their foraging area is usually small – no more than 20 feet. However, if abundant food is nearby, they nest within four to five feet. House mice nibble on food, preferring items such as seeds and cereals.

Control & Prevention
The entry hole should be sealed with copper meshing. Within structures, house mice can be controlled effectively by using anticoagulant baits placed in tamper resistant containers. Snap traps and glue traps are also very effective methods of control.

How to prevent:

  • All food and water should be stored in tight fitting lids this includes garbage containers
  • Bird feeders should be cleaned very regularly
  • Seal any holes around doors, windows and roofs
  • Eliminate potential harborage sites nest the house such as firewood, discarded furniture, and any equipment which is not in use


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