Nikol Pest Control offers the following services in Great Vancouver Area:

Ants Control (including carpenter ants)  (including carpenter ants)

Ants are social insects that live in colonies which are usually located in the ground, but they may enter buildings for shelter and/or food. Ants feed on practically every kind of food, but those entering homes are looking for sweets and/or protein-containing substances. About 700 species of ants occur in the United States and Canada. Of these, only about 25 species commonly infest homes.

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Bed bugs control

There is documented evidence that bed bugs parasitized the people of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Bed bugs were brought to North America by the early colonists. Writers in the 18th century documented bed bug infestations in the English colonies in Canada and the United States. A bed bug infestation can significantly damage the reputation and the revenue of a company. Most vulnerable are businesses such as hotels, building management companies, air carriers, theatres, and cinemas. Bitten customers can refuse to pay for services provided, complain to the local health department or contact a lawyer for legal redress.

bed bugs stages
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Rodents Pest Control (mice and rats)

Rats and mice occurred at least 2 million years ago and are among the most successful mammals on Earth. This success is due to their high adaptability and quick reproduction. They have colonized many places around the world and due to their sophisticated behavior they managed to avoid predators including people. Rats and mice have been found hitchhiking in ships, trains, planes, automobiles, etc. Rodents are the largest mammal family consisting of more than 2,200 species.

House mouse pest control  rat pest control
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– Commercial Pest Control

Nikol Pest Control implements customized pest & wildlife management programs designed specifically for your organization’s unique needs.

We understand that your business has unique needs pertaining to your company and requirements that need to be met during the pest removal process. Each evaluation begins with an on-site visit and consultation, which will help us determine the best method to get rid of the pests on the premises. We then present you with a pest removal program that is customized for your situation. This plan offers your business various methods of control and a customized pest removal plan, along with the appropriate documentation. Once you select the best, most appropriate method of pest extermination, we are already prepared to kick-start your pest removal treatment.

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Residential Pest Control

Nikol Pest Control is your reliable and qualified source to handle the removal of pests from your home. Allowing pests to remain in your home can be a costly experience for you and your family. They can carry diseases, destroy property, and pose health risks for you, your family and your pets.

Raccoons pest control Clothes Moth pest control-sm pigeons pest control
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Integrated Pest Management

Pests of any nature can be stressful, and can bring harmful diseases or bacterial into your home or place of work. The best defense includes prevention methods and regular pest maintenance.

Nikol Pest Control offers effective pest control management solutions that offer better value to our customers.  We are continually developing our pest control service offerings to provide environmental conscious methods, innovative solutions for your pest problems, and a greater value. With Nikol Pest Control as your partner, your business, family, and property will be well-protected.

Cluster Flies Skunks pest control Wolf Spider pest control
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We also do home inspections and small bird jobs.

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