Skunks pest controlSkunks are mammals with a distinct black and white pattern running down their backside and tail. They generally spray as a last resort self defense. They’re omnivores actively feeding at night. Their lifespan is about three years. Skunks are the major carriers of rabies in many parts of North America. Their general size from head to toe equals about eight to 19 inches. Their tails can be five to 15 inches. Skunks can weigh between 7 oz to 14 lbs.

Skunks are actually timid, non-confrontational and unobtrusive, and if it was not for their trademark stench, you may not be aware of their presence…unless of course, they decide to take up residence in your humble abode!

Skunks tend to inhabit porches, decks, sheds, etc. – anywhere they can find shelter and warmth. Due to their inquisitive nature and poor eyesight, they have the tendency to be a little accident-prone and may end up in basement window wells, etc.

It is their offensive, lingering odor; potential pet / skunk conflict; destructive tendencies not just to your home but they also will do some unsolicited landscaping for you; and people’s fear of being sprayed or worse, contracting rabies from a skunk (although unlikely), that makes the skunk one of the top offenders Atlas’ clients want promptly removed.


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